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Products from special collaborations, such as colored mailboxes and lighting fixtures, as well as gift cards, Condo collection and delivery fees, are excluded from all promotions and discounts.

What do I need to INSTALL my address number?

This is the advantage of our product, you don't need much! Just your drill (or your neighbor's!) And maybe a stepladder if necessary!

What happens if I have a letter in my address e.g. 96a?

If you have a letter in your address or a symbol, simply contact us by email at Letters ABCDE are only available for the Contemporary and Modern products.

What materials are the address plates made of?
The plates and numbers are made of aluminum composite (alupanel). Cut and assembled directly in our workshop. The numbers are fixed with industrial double sided tape. The threaded rods are securely attached to the alumipanel plate using glue.

On what type of surface can we install our address?
You can easily install it on almost any siding. The supplied bit drills natural wood, treated wood, steel siding (MAC), vinyl siding, brick, concrete, metal sheet and metal. As natural stone is harder it may be more difficult to drill with the drill bit provided in the installation kit, so we recommend that you use a appropriate drill bit for this type of installation.

What is the guarantee?
Our addresses are guaranteed for 5 years against defects (numbers or plates that come off), against twisting. However, slight discoloration from the sun can be normal after a few years.

What is your refund policy?
As the addresses are made one by one and personally for your order, we cannot replace or refund your plate if you make a mistake or change your mind.

What are the delivery times ?
In Canada, delivery times vary from 1 to 14 working days according to shipping options. When your order leaves our workshop, we will send you an email to track your order in real time. For international deliveries please except a delay of 1 to 4 weeks.

How much are the shipping costs?
For Canada, we offer standard shipping for $ 15 or EXPRESS shipping for a fixed cost of $ 18. For the United States, the fees are fixed at $ 20.00 and for the rest of the world the price is calculated at checkout.

Is it very complicated to install our address ourselves?
It is very simple to install your new address yourself, just follow the 5 steps of the user manual which consists of placing the level on the template, marking, with the pen provided, the holes in the spaces, drill on the marks you have just made, put silicone on the threaded rods and put in your address! 

How can I pay?
Just pay with your credit card or PayPal when checking out. Our transactions are safe and secure. If you have a promo code, don't forget to enter it before completing the transaction because we can't refund a discount!

What kind of address should I choose?
We recommend that you choose a contrasting color when comparing your siding. In addition, it is preferable to fix the address at a strategic place on your house, such as for example under a light near the door. Evaluate the available space in order to make the right choice, vertical or horizontal? If you plan to put the address on a column it may be beneficial to use a vertical address.

Since I currently do not have an address on my house, how will the delivery person find my house?
Excellent question! We recommend that you leave a piece of paper with your address in the window so our carrier can find your place to prevent delays and additional charges.

When will my order arrive?

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Can I return an item if I'm dissatisfied?

Can I change or cancel my order?